Can cod liver oil prevent covid-19?


Oslo University Hospital (OUH) is investigating whether cod liver oil prevents covid-19.

The Cod liver oil study

In the cod liver oil study, OUH will investigate whether cod liver oil prevents covid-19. Half of the participants will be sent cod-liver oil cod liver oil and the other half will receive lemon-flavored corn oil (placebo) which they will take this winter. At the end of the winter, we will see if there is a difference in the incidence of covid-19 between the groups. All adults younger than 75 years inNorway can participate in the Tran study.

In the large Korona study ( we saw that participants who stated that they used cod liver oil had a lower incidence of covid-19, but this may just as well be due to those who use cod liver oil also protecting themselves better against the disease in other ways. If cod liver oil really prevents covid-19, it would open up a whole new way of preventing the disease. The results from the Corona study are unfortunately far from certain enough to be able to advise on the use of cod liver oil to prevent covid-19.

The cod liver oil study, which is a sub-study of the Corona study, is designed to provide an answer to this question. We will also look at whether cod liver oil prevents colds and other health effects of cod liver oil. The study has been approved by the Regional Committee for Medical Research Ethics (number172796), the Privacy Ombudsman at OUS and registered at ClinicalTrials. The study is an independent research project at OUS which is part-financed by Møller’s cod liver oil.


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