New study states: Cod liver oil works much better than all other supplements


Which supplement works best when the body is recovering from strenuous physical exertion? The answer in the new study is good old-fashioned cod liver oil.
The study attracts attention, and the results are also presented in the international Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, The North Sea Race Endurance Exercise Study

Doctor and heart specialist, Stein Ørn, and his colleagues have gone through the tests of a thousand participants in the North Sea race to get an answer on which dietary supplement works best in connection with strenuous physical activity. The samples were taken by cyclists who cycled the 91-kilometer bicycle race in 2014 in connection with the NEEDED study in 2014. The main goal of the project was to examine the participants’ hearts and find hidden heart disease.

This was the largest study of its kind in the world.
In 2019, the samples were analyzed again by Mette Wærstad Hansen and Øyunn Kleiven, and now the results are presented. Of 1002 cyclists, 856 used dietary supplements, 274 used Omega-3 supplements regularly, while 234 used sporadically, 154 used cod liver oil regularly.

– We have compared those who take cod liver oil with those who take Omega 3 capsules. In addition, we have compared cod liver oil with all other dietary supplements. We have not made calculations on the other dietary supplements, but looked at them as a group, says Ørn. You must use dietary supplements regularly says Ørn, who is also the stepfather and trainer of Alexander Kristoff. Ørn has looked at the CRP values in the blood samples.

– After hard training, you feel pain in the muscles. Barriers and so on. This is the body’s repair reaction, and it is the one we are looking at. It comes from inflammation, and CRP is a blood test that measures this. In those who took cod liver oil regularly, the increase in CRP values as a result of the activity was significantly lower than in others.

– It may seem that regular consumption of cod liver oil protects against an overreaction and affects the inflammatory reaction in the body. The effect was in those who were best trained and those who where least trained. That is, those who cycled fast and slowest. The explanation is that they are the ones who made the most effort, says Ørn. The cardiologist saw that the effect was clearly greatest in those who used liquid cod liver oil regularly.

– What is regular?

We cannot quantify that, but you must take it regularly and not just occasionally, says Ørn.

The study thus establishes that it is liquid cod liver oil that has an effect, not capsules.

– It is because there is a balance in the pure cod liver oil, while in the capsules some substances have been removed, says Ørn.

– These are very important findings. Cod liver oil stands up to everything. We must therefore returnto the natural product, says Ørn


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