The short answer to this question is yes. Although genetics plays a significant part in your health, so too does your environment and situation. While you have little control over the first, you can influence the other two.

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Theoretically, certain factors are linked to good health. These include eating healthy food, exercising, getting adequate sleep, limiting stress, maintaining mental health, and having valuable relationships.
However, reality shows us that attaining good health is more complicated. It is challenging to achieve good health when living in larger towns and cities with high toxin levels.

These environments will harm your health and well-being, particularly from the following:

  • Air, water, and food pollution.
  • Fast-paced living.
  • Highly stressful lifestyles.
  • Easy access to cheap, fast, unhealthy food.
  • Limited access to physical exercise.

Consequently, modern living promotes ‘lifestyle diseases’ such as diabetes, obesity, cancer, and mental issues.

Prosana IMMUNE SUPPORTING cod liver oil originates from wild, sustainable Arctic cod caught off the coast of Norway in the Lofoten fishing grounds.

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Despite living in a less than optimal environment for healthy living, you can balance things out by consuming the appropriate dietary supplements. Most people fail to get all the fatty acids and vitamins they need through their diets. Therefore, getting them through nutritional supplements is a practical solution to getting everything you need.

Cod liver oil is an excellent source of vitamins A, D, and E. Indeed, it will provide you with your complete daily requirements of vitamin A and vitamin D.

Diet diversity is well recognized as a key element of high quality diets, as it helps to ensure nutritional adequacy. Of course, maintaining good health is not merely about concentrating on a single practice, and it needs to incorporate exercise, good sleep patterns, ability to cope with stress, having valuable relationships and excellent hygiene. 

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Prosana aims to achieve a healthy life by providing you with product options to address the imbalance of vitamins and fatty acids in your body. Our products will also help you counter the negative health aspects of your environment.

We can be your inspiration for health and well-being through our dietary supplements. We can also keep you informed and updated on the latest health advice, products, and services through well-researched articles and engaging blogs. We can help you optimize your health, thus have a better quality of life.