Think of Norway, and what immediately comes to mind? Towering snow-capped mountains, deep icy fjords, the Northern Lights, and the Midnight Sun. Norway is renowned for its stunning landscapes and breathtaking scenery.

Its proximity to natural resources, clean water, sustainable forests, and renewable energy makes Norway synonymous with fresh, clean, and natural products.


The icy freshwater of the Arctic is a perfect environment for producing a healthy and sustainable source for our cod liver oil. The cod fishing season in this area is limited to February to April, meaning that cod stocks are never over-fished. The cod have the freedom to swim from the frozen polar ice caps to the Lofoten archipelago.

The limited season provides Arctic cod plenty of time to grow slowly. Indeed, a much more extended period of growth than standard cod have. Prosana is proud of the conditions in which our fish thrive. They are optimal for cod, keeping them fresh and healthy, contributing to you receiving a unique and high-quality cod liver oil.

unique, pure
and fresh

If you want a natural source of Omega 3 healthy fatty acids, then look no further than Prosana Cod Liver Oil. Our oils come from codfish sustainably sourced from fresh and icy waters of the North Atlantic Ocean, and our cod liver oil is packed with healthy fatty acids LC MUFA, DHA, DPA, and EPA. Arctic Cod is a unique fish as its liver contains monounsaturated fatty acids (LC MUFA), making them unique and guaranteeing them sourced from the North Atlantic.
Although scientific studies into the benefits of LC MUFA are in embryonic stages and need further research, initial signs are positive. These studies indicate that LC MUFA can be beneficial in combating lifestyle illnesses and diseases such as type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome. It also helps boost cardiovascular protection and assists in maintaining its normal function.

How Prosana Cod Liver Differs From Others

  • 90% of Omega-3 sold worldwide originates from South America, with the fatty acids extracted from the whole fish. These fish include herring, mackerel, sardines, sprat, and tuna. Prosana only uses the freshest and sustainable cod from the pure, fresh waters of the North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean. This means we provide you with the purest Omega 3 possible extracted from the liver of the cod.
  • Our Omega 3 is extracted through a specific 11-step process, ensuring it provides stable and balanced healthy fatty acids. All our oil comes with a Certificate of Analysis, ensuring your product is of the most premium quality and traceable.