studies into
cod liver oil

More than 40,000 studies have been published on DHA and EPA, and over 4,000 clinical trials on human subjects. An overwhelming majority of the scientific community supports the consumption of Omega 3 to promote well-being and general good health. Cod liver oil is also recognized as having benefits for infants’ specific cognition, cardiovascular, vision, and brain development conditions.


The recommended daily dosage of DHA and EPA is 500 mg. You can consume this intake through cod liver oil, and you can exceed it for specific health conditions or stages of life.

A study into Omega 3, carried out in 2016, looked at what is known as the Omega 3 Index. This index is the combined percentage of DHA, EPA, and Omega 3 fatty acids in adults’ red blood cells. The study concluded that around 80% of adults fail to get the recommended dosage of DHA and EPA.

The benefits of consuming cod liver oil are now well-established, with the Norwegian National Council for Nutrition recommending a daily intake of 5ml. This quantity does not apply to children under one-year-old.

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