The Arctic Ocean’s clean, fresh, icy waters provide the ideal environment for producing healthy cod liver oil from sustainable sources. The cod fishing season in this area is limited to from February to April, meaning that cod stocks are never over-fished. Our fish have the freedom to swim from the frozen polar ice caps to the Lofoten archipelago.

Quality criteria for Prosana Cod 

We source our cod (Gadus Morhua) according to the strictest criteria:

  • Reared in the wild.
  • Caught during a limited fishing season between February and April.
  • Caught in their natural spawning grounds off the Norwegian coast.
  • Landed in pristine condition.
  • Packed within 12 hours.
  • Stored between 0-2 °C (32-35.6 °F)
  • Packed and prepared following a specific 11-step process.


Vessel information, catch location, and details of the fishing equipment used are clear and accessible. This data means we can guarantee the sustainability of our fish. At Prosana, we take pride in being one of the first organizations in the world to introduce such a traceability system. Traceability is crucial to maintain sustainable fish stocks. Our traceability system not only gives our customers confidence in the reliability of our Norwegian Cod but has helped reinforce our status as being at the vanguard of our industry.


Part of our traceability system includes certification displaying the catch location and confirmation that the fish was caught legally and according to current quotas. All certificates are submitted to the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries, ensuring that tracking can be maintained throughout the entire supply chain. Ultimately, this system helps our industry remain sustainable, helping protect fish stocks.


Cod fishing and harvesting have proved crucial for sustaining the livelihood of the Norwegian population living along the Norwegian coastline. We are committed to continuing this centuries-old support by maintaining a modern fishing fleet and catching fish sustainably.

Quota Adherence

We have witnessed our industry make positive advancements throughout generations, from fishing without restrictions to adhering to specific quotas and sustainability criteria. Norway led the world in introducing quotas for the number of fish being caught. This leadership has proved beneficial, and Norway now enjoys the most extensive stock of sustainable cod anywhere in the world.


Providing the highest quality cod liver oil is our focus at Prosana. We strive to deliver this through quality assurance measures embedded into the 8-step production process, as follows:

1. Our unique cod (Gadus Morhua) are sourced from fresh, clean, icy Nordic waters.

2. We only catch during a limited fishing season between February and April. Only small fishing vessels are part of the fleet.

3. Our catches are landed at small, local cod processors to extract the cod livers. This quick extraction ensures that we can secure the purest and freshest fatty acids.

4. To help protect the quality of the fish oil, nitrogen is added, negating the damaging effects that oxygen has on the product.

5. Further pre-production quality assurance measures and oxidation checks are undertaken at the production facility.

6. Anti-oxidation steps are taken after the oil has been bottled before the bottles are sealed.

7. A post-production quality assurance check is conducted before the product leaves the production facility. It is only at this point that a Certificate of Analysis is issued.

8. This process is strict and detailed. It ensures that Prosana cod liver oil is of the highest quality and contains one of the wealthiest Omega 3 healthy fatty acids sources.